11th Month Warranty Inspections

An 11th month warranty home inspection program for new construction is designed to provide homeowners with a thorough evaluation of their newly constructed home just before the expiration of the builder’s warranty. Typically, a builder will offer a one-year warranty for new construction, and the 11th month is an ideal time to perform an inspection to ensure that any issues or defects are identified and addressed before the warranty expires.

The home inspection program typically involves a comprehensive examination of the home’s major systems and components, including the roof, foundation, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and appliances. The inspector will look for any signs of defects, damage, or wear and tear that may have occurred since the initial construction was completed. The inspector will also evaluate the functionality of each system to ensure that they are working as intended.

If any issues are identified during the inspection, the homeowner can request that the builder makes the necessary repairs or replacements under the terms of the warranty. This can include anything from minor cosmetic issues to major structural defects. The inspector will provide a detailed report outlining any issues and recommendations for repairs.

Overall, an 11th month warranty home inspection program provides homeowners with peace of mind knowing that their new home has been thoroughly evaluated before the warranty expires. It can also help prevent potential issues from becoming costly problems down the line.

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