Water Testing Inspection

Apex South Inspections has partnered with Ackuritlabs, Inc. to provide professional and timely water testing reports.  


Residential water testing and well water testing can be performed for you as part of your home inspection. Apex South Inspectors are qualified to collect water samples for residential dwellings and can provide you with a detailed report of the lab results in about 4 business days or less.

THE BASIC: Total Coliform / E. coli Analysis (Microbiology)

FILTER SURVEY: Iron, pH, Tannins, Hardness, Turbidity

WELL SURVEY: Total Dissolved Solids, Iron, Calcium, pH, Tannin, Hardness, Turbidity, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Total Coliform Bacteria

HEALTH SURVEY: (Most Popular) Lead, Copper, Iron, Nitrates, Sulfates, Chlorides, Hydrogen Sulfide, Total Dissolved Solids, pH, Turbidity, Hardness, Calcium, Sodium, Tannins, and Total Coliform Bacteria

DRINKING WATER VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS: This package includes all 21 volatile organic compounds on the Florida DEP drinking water list.

FHA/VA: (Required for some loans) Lead, Nitrate, and Total Coliform Bacteria

Ackuritlabs, Inc. is a nationally certified environmental laboratory and an experienced provider of water filters and water treatment systems. They have been serving Tallahassee and the surrounding areas since 1991. They are certified by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) and the State of Florida DOH #E81350.


The good folks at Ackuritlabs, Inc. really care about their clients.  They are a local small business, and they all do their best to truly help everyone who contacts them.  They listen to what you have to say and if they can’t help you, they will try to find someone who can.  They want to earn your business.


Please visit them at ackuritlabs.com

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