Pool & Spa Inspections

Apex South Inspections can certainly understand the excitement that comes with purchasing a home with either a pool or a spa, but these are also very expensive features if they are not working properly. Apex South Inspections can inspect pools and spas for various issues, so you are fully aware that they are in good working condition. A pool company will typically focus on the equipment associated with a pool or Spa but there are other components that you should be aware of and Apex South Inspections has listed those below: 


Apex South Inspections will inspect any materials that were used in the building or maintaining of a pool and spa including any finishing materials that could be problematic.

Decks & Steps

As you can imagine, any decking or concrete patios that surround a pool in a wet environment can prove to be erosive or damaged over time. Apex South Inspections will inspect these spaces including the steps to ensure there are no dangers lurking about.


Naturally, Apex South Inspections will be looking at the mechanical features of your pool or spa, which may include things like drains, heaters, blowers, motors, pumps, lighting and similar items. 


Apex South Inspections will also be looking for things like safety controls piping and valve systems along with the cleaning system and how it functions to keep the water free of bacteria or chemical hazards.

Pool Features

Apex South Inspections will also evaluate things like diving boards and slides, along with any handrails or water features to ensure proper safety elements are a part of the water features. 

If you have any questions about our Pool or Spa Inspections, Apex South Inspections welcomes you to call or send a message at any time. If you are ready to book your inspection, you may use our online booking tool here. Apex South Inspections would be happy to help you with this inspection and help you protect your investment.

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