Enhanced Well Inspection

Only Apex South Inspections comes with WelGard Protection.


When you schedule a well inspection with us, you’ll also receive a complimentary 3-month warranty through Welgard. This warranty covers all repairs and replacements to your well system; giving you peace of mind knowing that your well is protected.


If you’re a homeowner who’s just bought a property or is considering purchasing a property with its own water well, it’s natural to have concerns or questions about this new experience. But rest assured that you’re not alone. One of the first steps you should take or may be required to take as part of the purchase agreement, is a Enhanced Well Inspection. So, what does this inspection involve, and what information will you gain from it?

Here’s a breakdown of the six parts of your well inspection.

  • Well History

    In this step, you’ll participate by providing us with any records you have of the well’s origin, prior inspections, maintenance, or operations. This information will serve as a baseline for the inspector’s analysis of the well’s proper operation.

  • Pump Analysis

    The pump is responsible for drawing water from underground and into your plumbing system, and it’s often the most expensive component for a well owner. We will assess whether the pump is working correctly by checking things like the ohms and amps from the electric pump, line voltage, and grounding.

  • Flow Test

    Assuming the pump is functioning correctly, we will check the water flow to see how it moves through the system. We will test the rate of water flowing through pipes as well as points that should stimulate water movement at certain pressure ranges, to answer questions like how long it takes for water to reach major points in the system, and whether pipes leading to areas of the house are correctly filled with water.

  • Equipment Check

    In addition to assessing the results of the pump operation, we will physically inspect various components for signs of wear, cracks, fraying, breakage, and other signs of aging. We will also check for unsanitary conditions, as bacterial organisms on the equipment could contaminate your water and pose a health risk.

  • Water Testing

    It’s important to note that a well inspection is not the same as a well water quality test, although the latter is recommended.

  • Your Report

    We will provide a detailed report to whoever ordered the inspection, which will include specifics about the pressure and voltages, as well as recommendations for any necessary action.

    An Enhanced Well Inspection provides you peace of mind and avoids sudden and costly breakdowns.

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