Wind Mitigation

What Does Wind Mitigation Mean?

Wind mitigation is the process of reducing the likelihood of your home suffering damage during windstorms. Homeowners and builders add features to help homes withstand high winds.

What Homeowners Need to Know about Wind Mitigation?

Wind damage is one of the most common and most expensive problems a homeowner can face. High winds can bring down power lines, tear shingles off your roof, and send debris through your windows. And you don’t have to live in Tornado Alley or along the Gulf Coast to see trouble. Severe thunderstorms can see wind gusts of almost 60 mph, which are classified as damaging winds.

Even though your Florida home insurance most likely covers windstorms, you may still want to minimize the damage one may cause your house. This process is called wind mitigation, which may help you:

  • Make fewer claims on your home insurance. Insurance companies look at your claims history before they decide if they will cover you and how much they will charge. Wind mitigation can help you fortify your house. This may reduce the number of claims you need to file and make you more attractive to insurers.
  • Earn discounts on your home insurance. Many insurance providers reduce your premium just for completing a wind mitigation inspection and submitting the report. In fact, a number of coastal states, including Florida and Louisiana, require insurance companies to offer discounts for a certified wind mitigation inspection.

While any homeowner can benefit from a wind mitigation inspection, those in hurricane- or tornado-prone areas may see the greatest impact on their premium. That’s because the potential for extensive damage in Tornado Alley and Hurricane Alley has a big impact on insurance prices. Often, insurers charge homeowners in these areas a hurricane deductible on top of the standard deductible. It covers wind damage after hurricanes and windstorms, but the deductible is a percentage of your home’s value.

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